Article Marketing Without All The Hype!

Article Marketing has been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web and will continue to be the major pillar of online marketing.  Why?  Because the search engines as well as the buying public thrive on content.   And even more so on good quality content.

The problem of course, is how do you find the time to accomplish all the article marketing you need to do?  Where do you squeeze in the hours it is going to take you just to write one well written article – publish and post it to dozens of different directories – and do all the promotion that is required?  You use tools to help you reach your goals, of course.  But not just any tools.  The RIGHT TOOLS that actually do what they claim!

article marketing tools at Pure Article Marketing

Our goal here is to wade through all the worthless fodder out there and present you the absolute best tools and services you will find to research, write, publish and promote your articles so that they are not only found by the search engines, but widely distributed throughout the web as well.

We’ve rated each of these tools in their respective categories and given you the pros and cons of each.  However, please keep in mind that these are ALL TOOLS WE USE EVERYDAY AND RECOMMEND ourselves.  We have been presented for review pretty much every new article and internet marketing gimmick out there.  Some are good, some are horrid.  However you can be sure that if a service graces these pages, it has proven itself in the test of battle.  Most have rock-solid performance guarantees and some are even FREE!

So, when you are considering which to purchase or subscribe to, take our advice and save yourself a bunch of time, money and effort and get as many of these tools as you possibly can.   For example, if you don’t think you need multiple article submission services – think again!  They all have extremely large but unique distribution networks that will more than pay for themselves on even just one article a month.  But you can submit more than that.  A lot more.  Spend your time creating or searching for valuable products to sell instead of wasting it writing and distributing articles.  You’ll be surprised how effective and profitable this strategy can be.  As an online business or blog owner, your time is extremely valuable and these tools, used properly, will multiply your efforts tenfold or more.

And speaking of time, I won’t waste any more of yours.  Take a look at what these services offer and sign-up with them today.  You won’t regret your decision one bit.

PS – Oh, before you go, we’d like to just state that if a tool or service comes around that will benefit you, it will be added to these pages (after we have thoroughly battle tested it, of course).  So check back often or just sign up for our notification service.  We will not spam you, nor share your email.  This is how we will also notify you of new recommendations and any freebies that we have for you as well.

PPS – And on a final note, if you have a product or service that you feel would be an indispensable addition to the Article Marketing Community, please share it with us via email:
tools [at] purearticlemarketing [dot] org or use this contact form.

As an online business or blog owner, your time is extremely valuable and these tools, used properly with multiply your efforts tenfold or more.
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